49th IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialists Conference
Catamaran Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA
December 5 - 8, 2018 (Tutorial: Dec 5)

SISC Abstract Books and Citation Policy

The abstracts reproduced in the Book of Abstracts are for the use of SISC attendees only to encourage participants to submit new, unpublished and sometimes controversial work. Therefore, the conference policy is that the abstracts may not be referenced. However, the presentation itself, which may be significantly different than the accepted abstracts,  may be cited e.g. "as discussed at the 2005 IEEE SISC, Washington, DC, USA."


Past SISC Technical Programs

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Contribution of documents by Dr. R. E. Stahlbush (NRL), Prof. T. P. Ma (Yale), Prof. D. M. Fleetwood (Vanderbilt), Prof. R. Bassett (NCSU, author of To the digital age: research labs, start-up companies, and the rise of MOS technology), Dr. B. E. Deal (Fairchild Semiconductor), and M. M. Frank (IBM) is gratefully acknowledged. If you happen to have the abstract book from any of the years we are still missing, please contact the webmaster.


Past Wednesday Evening Tutorials

The Wednesday evening Tutorials aim to give a good foundation in one topic frequently covered at the conference. The Tutorials are free for all SISC registered attendees.


SISC History


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